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Founded to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge, National Geographic and Bresser develop their full synergetic potential to supply a wide public with optical instruments. High quality Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Telescopes, Microscopes, Magnifiers, Night Vision Devices or Weather Stations at fair prices help to accomplish the goal of increasing geographical knowledge.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 114/900 Reflector Telescope AZ
This reflecting telescope shows not only the big planets, but also bright deep-sky objects when you are observing under dark skies. Fully equipped, and with a mount that is easy to use, this telescope is ideal for a beginner that has no astronomical knowledge, but wants to immerse him or herself in space. Explore the moons and cloud bands of Jupiter or the majestic rings of Saturn, or find other galaxies, star clusters and nebula on a moonless night. Please note: Reflector telescopes with optical design “Newton” are very good for astronomical observing at the starry night sky. But these telescopes are not well usable for observing landscape and nature during daylight. Therefore we suggest refractor (lens) telescopes for landscape and nature observing. FEATURESreflector telescope for beginnersobservation of the planets and bright deep sky objectsaltazimuth mountSCOPE OF DELIVERYtelescopaltazimuth mount with tripodeyepieces (4 mm, 9 mm, 25 mm)finder scope 6x30erecting lens 1,5xBarlow lens 3x

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WIFI Colour Weather Station with 7in1 Sensor
The new NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WIFI Colour Weather Station with 7-in-1 professional outdoor sensor offers a comprehensive information service. The multifunctional outdoor sensor can easily be installed using the installation accessories supplied! The sensor reliably transmits measured values for wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature, amount of precipitation, as well as UV level and light intensity to the base station via 868 MHz frequency. The console's clearly structured 5.7" colour display shows a large variety of measured local data as well as your station's historically measured values. A reliable local weather forecast is calculated and displayed using weather symbols on the console display for the upcoming 12h. The WIFI function allows users to share their local data via online platforms such as "AWEKAS", ''Weather Underground'' or ''Weather Cloud''. Furthermore, the WIFI function enables Internet time synchronization and firmware updates.  You can set a temperature alarm for maximum and minimum values, which triggers both an acoustic and a light signal when the specified value is reached. For outside temperatures from -3°C, a special alarm can also be activated to warn of frost/ice. A poor indoor climate often poses health risks, especially for children and older people. The BRESSER WIFI colour Weather Station offers a smart feature for this as well. The indoor climate indicator always informs about the indoor climate by means of a symbol. For all ''moon addicts'' the different phases of the moon are also displayed. An alarm clock with snooze function is also included in the range of functions.  You can transmit your weather data to the European Weather platform AWEKAS where you can also retrieve your weatherdata worldwide. Transmit data such as air temperature, humidity, soil temperature and humidity, pool water temperature to your smart home control system, depending on which sensors you have additionally purchased. This can be done easily and free of charge via our partner AWEKAS. This can be set up under the following link:  PROPERTIES 5.7'' colour display for detailed time and weather information WIFI connection with Internet time synchronisation Receives weather data from the 7-in-1 professional sensor and the wireless thermo-hygro sensor via 868 MHz Publish the local data of your weather station on the internet via websites such as AWEKAS, Weather Underground and Weather Cloud Display of time, calendar, weekday and moon phase Wake-up function Ice/frost warning Indoor temperature (°C / °F) and humidity with comfort display Outdoor temperature (°C / °F) and humidity display Display of UV level and light intensity Display of gusts and average wind speed Wind direction (exact indication based on 16 directions) Rainfall (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, total rainfall) Weather forecast (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy) Air pressure display Perceived outdoor temperature weather index for dew point, wind chill factor and heat index via the Feels Like functionMin/max value memory (up to 24 hours) Alarm with LED display 3 different display brightness levels: High / Low / Off Support of firmware updates Security type: supports WPA3 encryption as of firmware 2.0Support a 7-in-1 professional multi-sensor (included) Supports up to 7 additional wireless sensors (optional) (Art.-No.: 7009999) Integrated WIFI transmission to AWEKAS SCOPE OF SUPPLY Base station (Console)Professional outdoor sensor 7-in-1 incl. mounting accessories Power supply unit and cableBatteries are not included

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Biolux Student Microscope-Set
National Geographic Microscope 40x-800x - the microscope for big and small! Thanks to the new, innovative Smartphone holder you can also observe and save motifs with a smartphone by taking photos. The microscope not only convinces with its cool design, but also with a lot of accessories, which allows you to get started in microscopy. These include preparations such as yeast and shrimp eggs, as well as cover glasses and microscope slides.The motifs can be enlarged from 40x to a maximum of 800x. In addition, the microscope has an adjustable LED illumination for reflected light and transmitted light microscopy.FEATURESBeginner's microscopeMagnification: 40x-800xObjectives: 4x/10x/40xRed light and transmitted light microscopyIncludes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia) SCOPE OF DELIVERY MicroscopeSmartphone Mount2 Wide Field Eyepieces: WF20x/ WF10xColour filter discBox with specimensStorage containerExperiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast)Preparation setManual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 10x25 pocket binoculars
When you’re out and about in the countryside, you won’t want to miss any stunning views. Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 10x25 pocket binoculars are the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts. See every detail on tours and walks Thanks to the 10x magnification and 25 mm lens diameter, the binoculars are ideal for spontaneous nature observations on hiking trips or walks. For example, when viewed through the lenses, rare water birds 100 metres away appear as if they were just 10 metres in front of you – perfect for taking a closer look at colourful plumage! And if the bird flies away, you can follow its path through the binoculars – thanks to the 101 m at 1000 m field of view, moving objects are easy to track. The 10x25 binoculars are also suitable for people who wear glasses, as they feature folding rubber eyecups for adjusting the distance between your glasses and the eyepiece lenses. Practical and durable design Thanks to their slim roof prism design, the binoculars produce a detailed, close-up view of your surroundings. What’s more, they also feature a rubber-armoured body that provides an optimal grip when you’re out exploring. The rubber coating also protects the optics in the event of a drop or fall. When you’ve finished observing, you can store the compact binoculars in the included nylon case for quick access when you spot your next discovery. Explore the wonders of nature in stunning detail with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 10x25 pocket binoculars! FEATURES Practical folding binoculars 10x magnification 25 mm lens diameter Field of view: 101 m at 1000 m Portable and compact design Ideal for hiking and traveling Twist-up eyecups for glasses wearers Robust, rubber-armoured binocular body DELIVERY CONTENT Binoculars Nylon case Shoulder strap Instruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Kids metal detector
Time for a treasure hunt! This NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC kids metal detector is perfect for detecting buried metal objects. From your garden to your local playground, there’s no shortage of places where you can go hunting for interesting objects. Children’s metal detector with intuitive design Thanks to its intuitive design, the metal detector can used immediately after unboxing – simply switch it on and gently swing the search coil approximately 2 cm back and forth above the ground. The metal detector can detect metal objects at a depth of up to 12 cm – when an object is detected, you will hear a beep sound and see a light on the handle. A symbol will also appear on the LCD screen. Also ideal for big puddles and narrow streams – the search coil is waterproof up to 15 cm, allowing you to conduct searches in small bodies of water. Always be respectful: did you know that there are different international regulations in place governing metal detector use? This is to help protect special archaeological discoveries. Make sure that you are familiar with local rules and laws before you start. FEATURES Metal detector for children aged 8 and above Ergonomic handle Adjustable length from 760 to 880 mm Detector plate with adjustable angle Search depth: up to 12 cm Acoustic tone and light to indicate presence of metal LCD screen Battery-operated: 1x 9 V alkaline battery (not included) PACKAGE CONTENTS Metal detector LCD screen Instruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 90/900 Refractor Telescope EQ3
The 90/900 refractor telescope is a classic achromatic refractor and can be used for either astronomy or nature observations (e.g. of wild animals). The long focal length (900 mm) makes the telescope a specialist for observing the Moon, planets and bright objects outside our solar system. Saturn's majestic rings and giant storms on Jupiter can be seen, as well as the brighter emission nebulae, galaxies and star clusters if you observe on a dark, moonless night away from city lights. The sturdy equatorial mount can be aligned to the Pole Star, Polaris, and makes tracking objects by hand child's play.Three eyepieces, a 20mm, 12.5mm and 4mm, giving 45x, 72x and 225x magnification respectively, are included and also a 3x Barlow lens and Moon filter as standard.  A red LED reflex finder, once aligned to the telescope's main optical axis, will help you find your way to a huge array of potential targets for observation in the night time sky.The EQ3 mount is provided with slow motion flexible cables to help you follow objects accurately and compensate for the effects of the Earth's rotation.  The mount can also be upgraded to a simple RA motor tracking kit with additional purchase.FEATURESOptical System: Achromatic RefractorLens diameter: 90mmFocal length: 900mmMagnification: 45x-675xMount: EQ3, equatorialTripod: Aluminium with accessory traySCOPE OF DELIVERYOptical TubeMountAluminium tripodEyepieces 31.7mm (1.25"): H-20mm, H-12mm, SR-4mm3x Barlow LensMoon filterLED viewfinderStar map

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 10x50 Porro Binoculars
These elegant Porro-prism binoculars have excellent optical characteristics. The green fully coated optics guarantee a decisively higher light transmission through the glass, thus increasing color fidelity and contrast. Diopter compensation is standard with these models. This makes these binoculars suitable for beginner birders or nature observers. Even on windy days, due to the 10-fold magnification, a stable image is provided. The 50 mm objective lenses gather enough brightness for observation even in twilight conditions. A carrying pouch and neck strap are included. For longer observations, a tripod-adapter thread is integrated. FEATURESbinoculars for nature observationshigh light gathering capacity for bright images in the twilightSCOPE OF DELIVERYbinocularslens clothcarrying strapcase

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC VA colour LCD Weather Station incl. 3 Sensors
The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC VA colour weather station with 4 measuring points in black displays all relevant weather data at a glance. The set includes 3 outdoor sensors and one built-in sensor. On the clearly arranged colour display you will find information such as temperature and humidity for indoor as well as outdoor, as well as the exact time via DCF radio transmission. Besides the built-in sensor in the console unit (display) the station is able to receive the temperature and humidity readings from three additional sensors which are included in this set. Its use is therefore very versatile as the sensors can be placed either in- or outdoors. What's the temperature in the kids room, is the basement too moist how cold is it outside? All these questions can be viewed on one display. The station has a time offset function, so although parts of the UK are technically able to receive the European DCF time signal (southern England), your station will be displaying the UK time. For all parts of the UK where the time signal can not be received the time can easily be set manually with this station. The featured weather forecast is for the coming 12-24h. FEATURES BASE STATION LCD colour display Indoor temperature (°C/°F) and humidity Outdoor temperature (°C/°F) and humidity Display of time, date and weekday Time by DCF radio signal with time offset function for the UKWeather Forecast Maximum connectable sensors: 3 (3x included!) Hanging device and stand Power supply: Power plug with UK adapter (included) FEATURES SENSOR Measurement of outdoor temperature (°C / °F) and humidity LCD displayRange up to 80 m Can be placed on a table or wall-mountedPower supply: 2x AAA batteries per Sensor (not included)  Dimensions: 71 x 65 x 23 mm; weight: 44 gSCOPE OF DELIVERY Weather station 3x outdoor sensors Instruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Microscope 300x-1200x incl. hardcase
A quick entry into the world of microscopy is provided by the National Geographic 300-1200x microscope including hard case. The basic euqipment for an immediate start is already included. FEATURES Microscope set for beginners Magnification: 300x-1200x Battery powered illumination Extensive accessory package for a quick start  Includes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia) SCOPE OF DELIVERY Slide box with 5 permanent slides, 5 slides and 10 cover glasses Dissecting tools (scissors, tweezers, pipette and 2 dissecting needles) Experiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast) Sea salt Manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Children's Telescope with Augmented Reality App
Weißt du wie viel Sternlein stehen? (Do you know how many stars are there?) The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC children's telescope allows you to obtain impressive close-up views of celestial bodies. Featuring an aperture of 70 mm and a focal length of 400 mm, the refracting telescope, also known as lens telescope offers the ideal introduction into the world of astronomy. It comes complete with three eyepieces, amici prism, a Barlow lens and an aluminium tripod in a sturdy space-themed backpack, giving you everything you need for an exciting night of stargazing on a clear night with a children's telescope. See the night sky closer than ever before Thanks to the 3 different eyepieces with 20x, 50x and 100x magnification, you can quite literally reach for the stars. If that's not enough, you can use the Barlow lens to triple each magnification level. The set also comes with a great accessory to introduce you to the world of astrophotography: With the eyepiece smartphone adapter, you can take stunning photos of the moon, planets and other celestial objects and share your discoveries from the night sky with your parents, siblings or friends. Take your observations to the next level with your smartphone You don't have to worry about finding objects yourself - the augmented reality app will guide you through the night sky. After setting up the AR app, simply attach your smartphone the smartphone adapter on the children's telescope. In AR mode, your smartphone will display the names and images of the constellations at which your telescope is currently pointing, allowing you to navigate easily between planets and constellations and discover interesting objects. With the augmented reality photo function, you can take a few snapshots before taking a proper look through the eyepiece. Children's telescope with AR app for astronomical learning The app also has lots of images, audio and text - go to the constellation encyclopedia to read about the Greek gods after which the constellations are named, or read the solar system encyclopedia to find out more about the planets that travel around the sun together with the earth. After making your first discoveries with the childrens telescope, you can take a quiz to test your knowledge of the constellations. Learning has never been such fun! Go on your own journey to the stars with the smart children's telescope. FEATURES Children's telescope (refracting telescope) with practical backpack Includes BRESSER augmented reality app for your smartphone Built-in smartphone adapter as finder scope for the AR app Lens diameter: 70 mm Focal length: 400 mm 20x to 300x magnification Designed for children aged 10 and above DELIVERY CONTENT Children's telescope Backpack Amici prism 3 eyepieces (H20 mm, H8 mm, H4 mm) 3x Barlow lens Height-adjustable aluminium tripod Smartphone holder 1x CR2032 batteryInstruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 40x-1280x Microscope with Smartphone holder
This NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 40x1280 reflected and transmitted light microscope is a perfect device to get an excellent access into the world of microscopy. Due to many exclusive accessories like a set of dissecting instruments or a seperate electronical eyepiece, you can expand your beginner´s model. Furthermore, a smartphone holder gives the possibilty to make pictures of your observations with your smartphone. The smartphone holder allows for an easy observation as well as saving your observations on your smartphone. FEATUREScombination of reflected and transmitted lighta wide range of magnificationsextensive range of accessories for an immediate startSCOPE OF DELIVERY2 eyepieces (10X WF ; 16X WF) 2-fold Barlow lens Power cable Plastic box with 5 blank slides, 10 cover plates, 5 prepared slides Pipette Tweezers Hatchery MicroCut Specimen (yeast, gum media, sea salt, shrimp eggs) Smartphone holder

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Telescope + Microscope Set for Advanced Users
The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Tele-Micro Set offers everything you need to explore and experience the world of Astronomy and Microscopy. A real telescope with 100x magnification and a microscope with 640x magnification. An extensive accessory package for microscopy rounds off this set!With the enclosed Smartphone holder you can easily photograph the micro world and share it with your friends.FEATURES TELESCOPEOptical system: refractor, achromaticLens diameter: 45 mmFocal range: 600 mmEnlargement: 50x-100xAluminium tripodmounting: azimuthFEATURES MICROSCOPEtransmitted light, LED illuminationenlargement: 40x-640x revolver head with 3 lenses: 4x/10x/40xSCOPE OF DELIVERYRefractor TelescopeAluminium TripodMondfilterZenit MirrorFinder Telescope1.5x Inverted LensOcular: 12 mm, 6 mmMicroscopeObjectives: 4x/10x/40xMicroscope instrumentsSlidePermanent preparationsSmartphone holderExperiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast)MagnifierPipetteMicroCut

This sturdy compass with a centimetre and a measuring scale has a floating 360° scale and compass needle. The sight wire and slot offers exact sighting of land objects. A practical connector allows for snap hook attachment. FEATURESsturdy compasscentimetre and a measuring scalefloating 360° scale and compass needlesight wire and slotlug for attachment to a carabiner SCOPE OF DELIVERYcompassmanual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Trueview NG 10x42 binoculars with special open bridge
These NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC binoculars offer outstanding optical quality with a user-friendly design. BaK-4 roof prisms and full multi-coated lenses collect the maximum amount of light, delivering unrivalled sharpness and vivid colours, even in twilight and darkness. In addition to their waterproof and fogproof design, the binoculars also feature a rubberized, impact-resistant housing. They deliver precision and durability in all types of conditions. Thanks to the twist-up eyecups, the binoculars are easy to focus with or without glasses. In addition, they can also be mounted on a tripod for viewing a bird's nest or animal feeder. The field of view is 114 metres at 1000 metres. FEATURESBaK-4 roof prisms Multi-coated lenses for sharpness and vivid colours Waterproof Fogproof Open bridge design makes the binoculars easy to hold, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing SCOPE OF DELIVERYBinoculars Bag Dust caps Shoulder strap Cleaning cloth

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8x42 is a roof prism binocular with a magnification of 8x and an optical aperture of 42mm. A diopter adjustment allows diopter corrections up to +-2. A high quality full coating on all glass elements reduce distracting reflections and improves the light transmission and provides a high contrast particularly in bad light conditions. The binocular is built with a handy and stain resistant rubber surface. A normal tripod connection allows to fix it on a tripod for better observations. For better transport a bag and a comfort strap is included in the delivery.FEATURESRoof prismsFully coated opticsDiopter compensation of ± 2Rubber-armored housingTripod threadSCOPE OF DELIVERYBinocularsCarrying StrapCaseInstructions

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 7x30 Children's Binoculars
Get up close to colourful birds in your garden, or marvel at breathtaking landscapes on a camping trip – the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 7x30 children’s binoculars are perfect for observing the wonders of nature. The binoculars have 7x magnification and feature a 30 mm lens diameter, which ensures that plenty of light reaches your eyes, rendering a bright image. They also come with a large focusing wheel for bringing your object into focus. 7x30 binoculars with adjustable design The children’s binoculars come with adjustable features to ensure an optimal image for a wide range of different vision needs. This includes the interpupillary distance, which differs from person to person and can be adjusted accordingly. They also come with twist-up eyecups, allowing you to leave your glasses on while you look through the eyepieces, as well as a dioptre compensation ring, which you can use to compensate for differences in vision between your left and right eye and obtain a razor-sharp image. The ideal companion for your next outdoor adventure Thanks to their roof prism optics, the 7x30 binoculars have a compact design – perfect for young children. What’s more, they also come with a practical carry strap so that you can carry them around your neck when you’re out and about. Once you’ve finished observing, you can store the binoculars in their case until your next adventure. Get your hands on a pair of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 7x30 children’s binoculars and discover the wonders of nature! FEATURES Binoculars for children aged 6 and above Roof prism system 7x magnification 30 mm lens diameter Central focusing wheel Adjustable interpupillary distance  Dioptre compensation Twist-up eyecups for glasses wearers PACKAGE CONTENTS 7x30 Children’s binoculars Bag Shoulder strap Cleaning cloth Instruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 300x-1200x Microscope
There is so much to discover - just take a closer look through the microscope! The scope of delivery includes everything you need for microscopic viewing, which means fast results are guaranteed. The microscope offers battery-powered lighting and 1200X magnification. FEATUREStransmission lightmagnification from 300x up to 1200xwith illuminationbroad range of accessories so you can start immediatelySCOPE OF DELIVERYmicroscopeobjectives for: 300x, 600x, 1200xmicroscope utensils (spatula, preparation stick,tweezers, pipette)8 slides anc cover glasses5 specimen vials (3 types)3 preparationsBattery (1x CR2032)Spare lampInstruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Compact Telescope and Microscope Set
This NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC set contains two articles, which allow you the first step into astronomy and microscopy! A telescope with 60x magnification and a microscope with up to 640x magnification! Discover the world of unknown microorganisms by using our MICROSCOPE and explore the secrets of living organisms like a real scientist. Explore our cosmos with this TELESCOPE and discover our planetary system. A generous accessory package completes the set and offers the possibility to dive immediately into the exciting worlds! TECHNICAL DATA TELESCOPE Optical system: refractor Lens diameter: 50 mm Focal length: 360 mm Magnification: 18x - 60x Mounting: azimuth TECHNICAL DATA MICROSCOPE Incident and transmitted light Magnification: 40x - 640x WHAT'S INCLUDED Microscope / refractor telescope Zenith mirror Table tripod Eyepieces: 6 mm, 20 mm Dissecting set Microscope slide Specimens CHARACTERISTICS MICROSCOPE LED transmitted light Height-adjustable object stage Aperture wheel for adjusting the light beam Object clamps for attaching the specimens Can be used anywhere thanks to battery operation Comprehensive accessories for a quick introduction to microscopy CHARACTERISTICS TELESCOPE Zenith mirror enables comfortable view Compact and easy to transport

Go on exciting adventures in the great outdoors – with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Outdoor Discovery Set. The set comes with a practical carry case, which contains everything that young scientists need for action-packed outdoor explorations: a pair of binoculars, a compass, a magnifying glass and a net. So get outdoors and make some exciting discoveries! Binoculars with 3x magnification Not sure where to look? The Discovery Set includes a pair of children’s binoculars – perfect for taking a closer look at your surroundings. Simply look through the eyepieces, set the interpupillary distance and adjust the focus to see everything in 3x magnification and find the ideal location for your next discovery. Thanks to the large 30 mm lenses that let in plenty of light, the binoculars are also great for observing birds, deer and other animals. What’s more, they also feature rubber eyecups to enable use by people who wear glasses. Includes compass for finding your bearings Not sure which direction to head in? The set comes with a durable compass, which features a floating north pointer to help you find your bearings. If you have a map with you, you can also use the sighting wire to map your route. What’s more, the compass is equipped with a centimetre and measuring scale to help you measure the distance to your destination. Includes net for catching butterflies and other creatures Colourful butterflies, big beetles or tadpoles – if you’re keen to explore the world of insects and small fish, the Discovery Set comes with a net for catching prized specimens. What’s more, the length of the handle can be adjusted in order to reach hard to access areas – simply extend or retract the handle as needed. Feature-packed magnifying glass Once you’ve found a specimen, such as a caterpillar, earthworm or pretty leaf, you can place it under the magnifying glass, which features a large lens with 2x magnification. And if you want to take a closer look, there’s also a smaller lens with 5x magnification. You’ll also find a ruler for measuring the size of your specimen. IMPORTANT: Always be sure to look after the animals when conducting your research with the Discovery Set. Once you have finished your observations, release them back into the wild. Marvel at the wonders of nature with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Discovery Set! FEATURES5-piece discovery set for children aged 6 and above Binoculars with 3x magnification and 30 mm lens diameter Durable compass with centimetre, measuring scale and sighting wire Magnifying glass with 2 magnification levels: 2x (large lens), 5x (small lens) Net with telescopic handle for easy length adjustment Durable bag for easy transport PACKAGE CONTENTSBag Net Binoculars Magnifying glass Compass Instruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Telescope with Solar Filter
The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Newton telescope with solar filter is a highlight in its own right!The classic reflector telescope comes with everything you need to start directly. The azimuth mount is very easy to handle, which makes this telescope especially recommendable for beginners. The highlight of this device is, however, the sun filter! This  tested sun filter not only allows you to observe the astro but also the sun. A Smartphone holder gives you the opportunity to share your pictures and videos with friends and in social media.PROPERTIESLens diameter: 76 mmFocal range: 350 mmEnlargement: 18x-175xsuitable for sun and sky observationextensive accessory package for immediate startsmartphone holder for photography with mobile phoneeasy to use azimuth mountcomes completely pre-assembled - it can be observed immediately - no construction requiredSCOPE OF SUPPLYtelescopemount and tripod2 eyepieces (4mm/ 20mm)sun filterBarlow lens: 2xastronomy softwaremoon map for downloadsmartphone holder

With the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ILUMINOS 800 LED torch RG 800 lm you can bring light into the dark!Thanks to its magnetic base, it adheres to metallic surfaces and, with the help of its head that can be swivelled up to 90°, it becomes a practical helper even where your hands are not free! With its 9 operating modes, it adapts perfectly to every requirement, whether at the brightest level in white light for optimum visibility or as a warning signal in flashing red light mode. FEATURES LED torch with 800 lumen Head can be tilted up to 90°. Modes: White, red and green light in different brightness levels, flashing White, red and green light Splashproof High quality aluminium housing Rechargeable via USB cable (included) The rechargeable battery with 2200 mAh can be charged via USB cable Magnet WHAT'S INCLUDED Torch Hand strap USB cable Instruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 10x25 compact binoculars waterproof
Experience 10x the fun with these 10x25 pocket binoculars! Thanks to the 10x zoom, animals or objects that are 1000 metres away appear as if they are only 100 m in front of you. Compared with binoculars with a lower magnification and the same lens aperture, these binoculars show objects in greater detail. Thanks to the 25 mm lens diameter, the compact binoculars allow you to see grazing deer or bird's nests with ease. At a distance of 1000 m, the field of view is 101 m wide. Ideal for detailed observations of stationary or slow moving objects! The premium BaK-4 glass material (barium crown glass) and the multi coating ensure a highly detailed, bright image. 10x25 pocket binoculars - intuitive, user-friendly design Easy to carry, easy to use: The 10x25 pocket binoculars feature a practical and user-friendly design. You can set the interpupillary distance by adjusting the articulated bridge on the binoculars. This ensures that the two eyepieces work together perfectly with your eyes to provide the best possible view. The binoculars also feature a central focusing wheel and a dioptre compensation to ensure that you obtain razor-sharp images of the objects you want to see. The mini binoculars can also be used when wearing glasses: simply turn the twist-up eyecups to obtain the correct distance to the eyepiece. Versatile design When you're out and about in nature, a change in the weather can leave you caught in the rain. Fortunately, the pocket binoculars are waterproof so that you can continue observing even during wet weather. In addition to birdwatching and observing expansive, solitary landscapes, the compact roof-prism binoculars are also great for city breaks, concerts or the theatre. What's more, the binoculars feature perfect grip thanks to the rubber-armoured body. And when you don't need them, the mini binoculars can be stored in the matching nylon case for protection until you're ready to use them again. Explore the world in stunning detail with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 10x25 pocket binoculars! FEATURES Prism made from premium BaK-4 glass material10x magnification25 mm lens diameterMulti coatedWaterproofExtremely handy and compactIdeal for hiking and traveling Central focusing wheel Dioptre adjustment Tripod connection thread Robust, rubber-armoured binocular bodyDELIVERY CONTENTBinocularsNylon caseCarry strapInstruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 3x30 Children's Binoculars
The NATIOANL GEOGRAPHIC children’s binoculars give you a 3x larger view of rabbits, birds, squirrels and other discoveries on your forays into nature. Perfect for observing animals with the aid of the fine focus. Choose from different coloured binoculars. So, what are you waiting for? On to the next adventure... FEATURES 3x magnification 30 mm lens diameter Twist-up eyecups for spectacle wearersIndividually adjustable eye distance With fine focus Carrying strap on the binoculars Dimensions: 105 x 40 x 90 mm and weight: 110 g WHAT’S INCLUDED 1x children’s binoculars with carrying strap Instruction manual

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8x25 compact binoculars waterproof
Nothing is more exciting than discovering the wonders of nature. However, with the naked eye, there's only so much you can see. Whether you're hiking in the mountains or on holiday in the Norwegian fjords, the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8x25 pocket binoculars will give you a close-up view of flora and fauna. Featuring 8x magnification and an objective diameter of 25 mm, the binoculars make shy animals 800 metres away appear as if they were just 100 metres in front of you. The field of view is 118 m / 1000 m, meaning that you obtain a 118 m wide field of view at a distance of 1000 m. Compared to binoculars that have a higher magnification, this gives you a better overview of your surroundings. The larger field of view also enables you to find moving objects more quickly, so that you can follow your favourite bird across the sky or a cute fawn through the forest.Pocket binoculars with lightweight design In addition to their lightweight design, the mini binoculars are also very easy to use. For example, you can adjust the distance between your eyes and the eyepieces using the articulated bridge. Meanwhile, the central focusing wheel and the dioptre compensation allow you to bring the high-quality optics into focus. The BaK-4 prisms (barium crown glass) and multi coating ensure a perfect view with a bright image at all times. And thanks to the twist-up eyecups, the binoculars can also be used when wearing glasses. Discover even more - with the 8x25 pocket binoculars These pocket binoculars are waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor adventures or birdwatching. In addition to observing nature or animals, the compact roof-prism binoculars are also ideal for concerts, sporting events or the theatre. What's more, they can be stowed in the nylon bag at any time to save space until you need them again. The mini binoculars also feature an optimal grip thanks to the rubber-armoured body. Let your gaze wander into the distance and marvel at the wonders of nature with the practical NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC pocket binoculars. FEATURES Prism made from premium BaK-4 glass materialWaterproof 8x magnification 25 mm lens diameterMulti coatingExtremely compact and handyIdeal for hiking and as travel binoculars Central focusing wheel Dioptre adjustment Tripod connection thread Robust, rubber-armoured binocular bodyDELIVERY CONTENTBinocularsNylon caseCarry strapInstruction manual