BRESSER Blank Slides/Cover Plates 50/100 pieces

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Bresser Blank Slides + Cover Plates for your Microscope.

  • Smoothed edges, slides precleaned
  • Slides, dimensions 76x26x1.2 mm
  • Cover plates, dimensions 18x18x0.17 mm



Product number: 5916000
GTIN/EAN: 4007922003184
Product information "BRESSER Blank Slides/Cover Plates 50/100 pieces"
The set slides / cover plates is use to make Preparations for biological microscopes. The slide holds the preparation it will be covered with a cover plate.

  • 50 blank slides 76x26mm
  • 100 cover plates (0,17mm thickness)
These BRESSER slides and cover glasses are compatible with the following BRESSER microscopes:
  • Duolux (5012000)
  • BioDiscover (5013000)
  • BIORIT (5101000)
  • Erudit DLX (5102000)
  • ERUDIT MO (5110000)
  • Researcher Bino (5722100)
  • Researcher Trinocular (5723100)
  • LCD microscope (5201000, 5201002)
  • Science TRM 301 (5760100)
  • BioScience Bino (5750500)
  • BioScience Trino (5750600)
  • Science ADL 601 P (5770200)
  • Science ADL 601 F (5770500)
  • Science MPO 401 (5780000)
  • Science IVM-401 (5790000)

Material: Plexiglas (acrylic glass)

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BRESSER Blank Slides/Cover Plates 50/100 pieces
The set slides / cover plates is use to make Preparations for biological microscopes. The slide holds the preparation it will be covered with a cover plate.SCOPE OF DELIVERY50 blank slides 76x26mm100 cover plates (0,17mm thickness)These BRESSER slides and cover glasses are compatible with the following BRESSER microscopes:Duolux (5012000)BioDiscover (5013000)BIORIT (5101000)Erudit DLX (5102000)ERUDIT MO (5110000)Researcher Bino (5722100)Researcher Trinocular (5723100)LCD microscope (5201000, 5201002)Science TRM 301 (5760100)BioScience Bino (5750500)BioScience Trino (5750600)Science ADL 601 P (5770200)Science ADL 601 F (5770500)Science MPO 401 (5780000)Science IVM-401 (5790000)

BRESSER Set Microscope Slides
Slides and cover glasses are an indispensable accessory which has also impact on the image quality. For most biological microscopes, the cover glass thickness is an important optical parameter, which is therefore included in the optical design and, if so, printed on the sleeve of every objective. You can usually see the number 0.17 which is the thickness in millimeters. For demanding applications in the laboratory, or for microphotography, using cover glasses with the desired thickness and high quality is necessary.The cover glasses included in the set are made of Boro 3.3 glass and are standardized to a thickness of 0.16-0.19mm. So they match the desired 0.17mm really good and give the best possible image quality. These Boro 3.3 cover glasses are pure white, without streaks and are pre-cleaned and ready to use. They are also especially suitable for fluorescence microscopy.The slides are made of soda lime glass, and have ground edges for safe handling. They have a matte field for writing on both sides (top and bottom). Slides and cover glasses are packed separately and in a vacuum sealed bag, containing moisture absorbent. They can be stored for a long time without loss of quality from hydrolysis and are easy to take out.

BRESSER Cover Plates 22 x 22 mm 100 pcs
The Bresser cover slips have a size of 22 x22 mm and a thickness range from 0,13 – 0,17 mm. They are used to cover the sample on the slide. A thin and even sample is necessary for observations with high magnification. These cover slips are designed to work with all objectives that have the thickness of 0,17 mm included in their optical design. Usually you find this number printed on the objective. For beginner’s and student microscopes, these cover glasses are also suitable. FEATURES Cover slips, square, size 22x22mm Soda lime glass pre cleaned SCOPE OF DELIVERY 100 cover slips Kunststoff-Box

Cover glasses, 100 pcs. 24x50mm Boro 3.3
Extra big cover glasses made from pure white, smooth Borosilicate glass (Boro 3.3). These cover glasses are especially suitable for liquid samples, like plankton or cell culture media. Also useful for skin scrapes from Koi or ornamental fish. You can diagnose a bigger sample volume in one go, making the diagnosis faster and more reliable. The sample will not dry out as fast as usual.Boro 3.3 is a high tech glass material with excellent surface and optical quality. Keep in mind, that the cover glass is not only a cover, but works as an optical element and will influence the resulting image quality. Most microscope objectives are designed for cover glasses of a certain thickness (Usually 0,17mm; marked on the objective).The cover glasses are precleaned and ready to use.Boro 3.3 glass is highly transparent and has excellent surface quality. For UV it is significantly more transparent than soda-lime glass and therefore especially suitable for fluorescence microscopy.SCOPE OF DELIVERY 100 cover glasses 24x50 in plastic box.  Incl. drying agent, vacuum sealed.

£10.63* £12.99* (18.17% saved)
BRESSER Object plate glass (60 mm)
Object plate out of glass, compatible with BRESSER Researcher ICD​ and Analyth STR microscopes

BRESSER Blank Slides with Well - 50 pieces
BRESSER Blank Slides with cavity wells are particularly useful for the observation of water samples and plankton.  FEATURESdimensions: 76x26x1 mm SCOPE OF DELIVERY50x slides

BRESSER Object plate glass (50 mm)
Object plate out of glass, compatible with BRESSER junior 20x/50x microscope, item 8852001.


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BRESSER JUNIOR Experiment Set Microscopy Starter Set
BRESSER JUNIOR - experience the world of optics with easeThis great starter set allows you to discover the world of the microcosm with your microscope! 24 different preparations are at your disposal to do exciting research & experiments. Examine for example an onion skin, a shrimp egg, a rabbit hair or even a wing of a grasshopper! FEATURES 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 different permanent preparations1. Animals: Mouse fur, Hare hair, Dog hair, Sheep hair2. Plants: Arachis hypogaea stem, Ficus leaf, Onion rind, Silver berry scaly hair3. Insects: Bee abdomen, Leg of honey bee, Wing of locust, House fly leg4. Textile Fibres: Colored threads, Handmade paper, Fingerprints, Bemberg5. Pollens & Spore: Pollen of lily, Pine tree pollen, Bottle brush spore, Fern spore6. Tiny Creatures: Plant louse, Ant, Shrimp egg, Daphniachild-friendly packaging SCOPE OF DELIVERYExperimental set incl. 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 specimensinstructionmanual

BRESSER JUNIOR 24 Permanent Microscope Starter Kit
Already own a microscope and want to discover as much as you possibly can with it? The BRESSER JUNIOR 24 durable specimens in the microscope starter kit offer you plenty of examination objects for a quick and easy way to get started. In addition, the specimens from different areas, including plants, algae and insects, are ready and waiting to be viewed on a total of 6 microscope slides. Simply unpack them, place them on the plate of your microscope and start zooming in. You’ll be astounded by the minute detail that suddenly becomes visible to you. View again and again – the preserved microscope specimens are highly durable. You’re certain to get admiring looks from your friends and family as well. With these 24 durable specimens for your microscope, you can go on a voyage of discovery into the microcosm: Algae: water silk, zygnema, ulotrichaceae, cyclops Leaves and starch: privet leaf, oleander leaf, maize starch, potato starch Plants: maize root, peanut root, sponge gourd, pine trunk Textile fibres: cotton fibres, nylon fibres, silk fibres, letter ‘e’ Animals: fish scales, camel hair, chicken feathers, duck feathers Insects: honeybee wings, dragonfly wings, beetle legs, cockroach legs FEATURES 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 durable specimens for children aged 6 and over 4 samples each from algae, leaves and starch, plants, textile fibres, animals and insects The perfect way to introduce children to microscopy Robust and stable Child-friendly use and packaging PACKAGE CONTENTS 6 microscope slides with a total of 24 durable specimens Instruction manual

BRESSER Universal Smartphone Adapter Deluxe
Take pictures with your smartphone through the telescope or microskope? With the Smartphone camera adapter this is now child's play! Simply screw the adapter to the eyepiece and use your smartphone as a camera with a super-telephoto / super-macrophoto lens. It lets you take pictures of distant objects or very small objects as if you were very close.The Deluxe version offers an even more comfortable and secure attachment to the eyepiece. By a rotary movement of the clamping ring 3 clamping jaws are evenly applied to the eyepiece housing and the Smartphone adapter sits firmly and centrically on the eyepiece. The fine adjustment of the height of the smartphone support allows a quick and precise adjustment of the viewing height of the smartphone camera above the eyepiece lens. Good image results are thus guaranteed.  FEATURES Take photos through the telescope Smartphone camera with super telephoto lens Fine Height adjustment of phone support Wide adjustment range for eyepiece housing diameter Fits 31.7mm (1.25") eyepieces For eyepiece housing diameters from 22-38mm SCOPE OF DELIVERY Smartphone holder deluxeLocking ring for the smartphone

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Biolux Student Microscope-Set
National Geographic Microscope 40x-800x - the microscope for big and small! Thanks to the new, innovative Smartphone holder you can also observe and save motifs with a smartphone by taking photos. The microscope not only convinces with its cool design, but also with a lot of accessories, which allows you to get started in microscopy. These include preparations such as yeast and shrimp eggs, as well as cover glasses and microscope slides.The motifs can be enlarged from 40x to a maximum of 800x. In addition, the microscope has an adjustable LED illumination for reflected light and transmitted light microscopy.FEATURESBeginner's microscopeMagnification: 40x-800xObjectives: 4x/10x/40xRed light and transmitted light microscopyIncludes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia) SCOPE OF DELIVERY MicroscopeSmartphone Mount2 Wide Field Eyepieces: WF20x/ WF10xColour filter discBox with specimensStorage containerExperiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast)Preparation setManual


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