Save water, money and time: discover the BRESSER water timer for your smart home and water your garden automatically via a mobile app.
132.00 £ *
Keeping up-to-date with the weather - weather station with solar-powered multi-sensor and stylish colour display with a 6-day weather forecast.
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Als eigenständiges Messgerät oder Erweiterung Ihrer Wetterstation - mit diesem präzisen Sensor behalten Sie Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit im Blick
24.99 £ *
Not only see how much rain is falling, but also track the last 12h of rain fall via barchart graph or cumulative rainfall for the past year.
62.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.784 kg
Clever gardening tool – featuring a weather station, water timer and soil sensor, this smart system ensures that your plants receive the optimal amount of water.
132.00 £ *
Radio transmitter
18.99 £ * Shipping Weight 0.163 kg
56.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.345 kg More information
With this WLAN weather center you can read the local data of your weather station, such as the very reliable weather trend forecast, and publish it on apps.
159.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1.8 kg More information
BRESSER ClimaTemp JC LCD Weather-Clock
LCD Weather-Clock ClimaTemp JC
85.00 £
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18.99 £ * Shipping Weight 0.134 kg
Two in one: the additional base station for your weather centre gives you updates on the current weather status in an additional room, including room climate data.
149.00 £ *
Restore local weather data to your existing base station with this replacement sensor.
95.00 £ * More information
This pool sensor enables you to check the water temperature via the built-in screen or your BRESSER weather centre.
36.99 £ * Shipping Weight 0.565 kg More information
Color weather station with date, time, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity / moon phase display, alarm function
75.00 £
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With this Wi-Fi colour weather centre you can read the local data from your weather station, such as the very reliable weather trend forecast, and publish it on apps.
159.00 £ * Shipping Weight 2.208 kg More information
Stand-alone air quality sensor or extension to your weather station – keep your air clean with the help of the HCHO/VOC sensor.
132.00 £ * More information
Extended view of the weather: Get the values of your existing outdoor sensor and independent info about the indoor climate in an additional room.
61.00 £
More information
With the BRESSER 5-in-1 Professional Weather Center, you can tell how cold or warm it is outside just by looking at the display's colour.
139.00 £
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BRESSER 7-in-1 ClimateConnect Tuya Smart Home Weather Centre
Smart technology for maximum living comfort: The smart weather station with a 7-in-1 outdoor sensor allows you to control other Tuya-enabled devices in your smart home via an app.
from 149.00 £
More information
Weather station with multi sensor
119.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1.64 kg
The perfect replacement sensor for your WiFi colour weather centre: This 5-in-1 external sensor can be ‘on the air’ with your current, local weather data in no time at all.
74.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1.3 kg
Find out when and where the lightning struck – monitor the progress of storms with this additional lightning sensor for your BRESSER weather centre
42.99 £ *
Replacement sensor - restore temperature, wind speed and precipitation readings to your weather station.
74.00 £ * More information
This high-performance thermo-hygro sensor is the perfect addition to your BRESSER weather station.
32.99 £ * Shipping Weight 0.196 kg More information
Weather trend and alarm clock in the morning, room climate in an additional room - expand your Beaufort 5-in-1 Weather Center with the additional base station!
74.00 £ *
70.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.76 kg
Never leaves you out in the rain: the BRESSER colour wireless weather station Neomeo.
69.00 £ *
A real eye-catcher: in addition to the weather forecast, humidity, temperature and frost alarm functions, the weather station also has a chic design.
46.00 £ *
With the additional base station for your WTW 5-in-1 weather centre, you can keep an eye on the indoor temperature, humidity and air pressure values from your external sensor from a different location.
74.00 £ *
The replacement sensor squares the weather circle with seven measurements for wind and weather.
121.00 £ *
Weather, alarm, indoor climate - use the indoor temperature, humidity and other functions of your base station in an additional room or household!
95.00 £ * More information
This wireless weather station with colour display has an indoor climate indicator to inform you about the indoor climate by means of symbol.
130.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1.64 kg
The sensor can only be used with the MeteoTemp WTM colour weather station
24.99 £ * Shipping Weight 0.067 kg
This thermo-hygrometer displays the temperature and air humidity for four different locations at the same time.
41.99 £ * Shipping Weight 0.361 kg
Can be combined with many different weather centres, additional base station - always be able to view your weather data
74.00 £ * More information
Replacement sensor - Restore full functionality to your BRESSER Professional Wi-Fi weather centre with this 7-in-1 wireless sensor.
70.00 £ *
This radio controlled weather station displays you a very reliable local weather trend forecast for the next 12 hours on the clearly structured display.
119.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1.64 kg
Weather station with numerous meteorological data
46.00 £
More information
The additional base station for your 3-in-1 professional wind gauge allows you to track the measured values from your external sensor at a different location. The integrated sensor also measures the temperature/humidity at the location of the base station
45.99 £ *
Check the temperature and humidity at four locations at the same time with just a single glance. Handy added function: The graphic weather forecast illustration shows the weather trend for the next twelve hours.
65.00 £
More information
Weather, alarm and much more - use the functions of your base station in an additional room, including indoor temperature and humidity measurements, a histogram and max./min. value memory!
56.00 £ * More information
Garden care made easy – with the weather station with 2-way irrigation timer and soil sensor, plant irrigation is entirely automatic.
132.00 £ *
The sensor can only be used for the new version of ClimaTrend WF weather stations
18.99 £ * Shipping Weight 0.067 kg
Weather station with multi sensor
129.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1.64 kg