The sensor can only be used for the new version of ClimaTrend WF weather stations
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4x weather visibility with WIFI weather station including 4-day forecast, sunburn time and elegant colour display
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This weather station with colour display informs you by the indoor climate indicator about the room climate with a symbol.
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Don't lose track of the weather - restore the full range of functions to your professional weather centre with this replacement outdoor sensor.
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The perfect replacement sensor for your WiFi colour weather centre: This 5-in-1 external sensor can be ‘on the air’ with your current, local weather data in no time at all.
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With the BRESSER 5-in-1 Professional Weather Station, you can tell how cold or warm it is outside just by looking at the display's colour.
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Weather station with solar-powered multi-sensor and large, stylish 10-inch colour display, displays a 6-day weather forecast.
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The replacement sensor squares the weather circle with seven measurements for wind and weather.
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Soak up the sun and obtain continuous measurements – restore full functionality to your eco-friendly weather station with this replacement solar-powered sensor.
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