Vixen Carrying Handle for Telescopes

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High-quality aluminum handle for various Vixen telescopes with 1/4-inch screw for tripod head and camera mounting

  • Practical carry handle for telescopes
  • Designed for VC, VMC and refractor telescopes
  • Weight: 220 g



Product number: X000165
GTIN/EAN: 4955295387007
Product information "Vixen Carrying Handle for Telescopes"
Practical carry handle for telescopes
Designed for VC, VMC and refractor telescopes

Note: Please check the correct length of the mounting screw before assembly


  • Designed for VC, VMC and refractor telescopes SD81, SD103s, SD115s, A80M, A105MII
    Not suitable for A70Lf, A80Mf, VSD 100 and R103Sf


  • Carry handle
  • 1/4" Camera screw
  • Mounting tool
  • 2 Screws

Colour: white
Material: Aluminium

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Vixen VMC200L Maksutov-Cassegrain mirror telescope - optical tube
Featuring an improved design and optical properties, this compact field corrected Maksutov-Cassegrain system is Vixen's answer to Schmidt Cassegrain and more conventional Maksutov Telescopes. Instead of a heavy corrector plate, the Meniscus corrector is located directly in front of the secondary mirror. As a result, the Field-Maksutov does not dew up easily, as most conventional SCT s and Maksutovs do, when exposed to humid air.  Thanks to the VMC's open tube system, the optics cool down quickly, ensuring that the telescope is ready for use in no time - again offering advantages over traditional Schmidts and Maksutovs, which can take a long time to acclimatise and reach thermal equilibrium. The long focal length of the VMC allows you to make detailed observations of planets, distant galaxies, individual lunar craters and mountains and many other celestial objects.  The mirror is manufactured using an advanced coating deposition technique, normally reserved for research-grade instruments - ensuring an extremely smooth and precisely-finished optical surface.  This, combined with the secondary corrector delivers extremely pleasing visual and photographic performance, with a very flat field.  Unlike the primary mirrors in many rival SCTs and Maksutovs, the VMC200L's primary is fixed and doesn't travel on a focuser baffle, adding to stability and as a result this telescope does not suffer from "mirror flop" or focus shift.The focuser is a conventional, smooth-running single speed rack and pinion design, which ensures stability, even at high loading.  It can be simply upgraded to dual speed use for finer focus control with the X000143 Vixen Dual-Speed-Focuser, if required.The telescope is supplied with a standard Vixen profile mounting dovetail bar and is also supplied with a carry handle, which makes transport and mounting much easier.  The carry handle can also double up as a mounting platform for other accessories, if required.The VMC200L is also supplied with Vixen's superb 7x50mm illuminated finderscope, with variable brightness control, to help you guide the telescope accurately to targets.Last, but not least, is the inclusion of Vixen's extremely useful flip mirror system, which allows for mutual mounting of 1.25" eyepieces or accessories.  Both eyepiece holders can be unscrewed, revealing a standard T2 mounting thread, which allows easy mounting of many cameras or other photographic accessories to either port.  The ability to be able to flip simply between visual use and a camera is of great help when trying to centre and image compact targets - speeding up acquisition of targets and making better use of your time under the night sky.FEATURES 200 mm mirror Focal length: 1950 mm (f9.75) Resolution and limiting magnitude: 0.45 arc seconds; 13.3 Light-gathering power: 816x Backfocus without Reducer: 144.9 mmBackfocus with Reducer: 63.5 mm Dimensions and weight: 232 x 510, 6.8 kg Adapter and connections: 60 mm thread WHAT’S INCLUDED Dovetail bar Flip mirror Carry handle 7x50 viewfinder, illuminated

Vixen VMC 260L Maksutov - Cassegrain Telescope for SX Mounts
The optics of the VMC260L are significantly better than the traditional Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Despite its high 3000 mm focal length, it is just 650 mm long. Featuring a large 260 mm aperture, the telescope collects large amounts of light for serious professional observations and photography of the planets and countless deep-sky objects. Thanks to the dielectric mirrors, the VMV260L guarantees razor-sharp images and maximum brightness. The open lens barrels cool the telescope quicker than conventional closed Cassegrain systems. The telescope can be used with an optional 0.62x focal reducer to reduce the aperture ratio to 1:7.1. This shortens the exposure times and allows you to photograph large objects. The telescope comes with a standard dovetail bar and a carry handle that doubles up as a camera holder for night sky photography. The Finder Scope and the Vixen Flip Mirror is not included in this version ! FEATURES Very short cool-down time thanks to open lens barrel Optimised system for photography Very transportable – only 650 mm long Lightweight design – only 12.1 kg Large 260 mm aperture Built-in correction lens in front of the secondary mirror Backfocus without Reducer: 149,4 mmBackfocus with Reducer: 63,5 mmTotal weight: 12.1 kg WHAT’S INCLUDED VMC 260 telescope/lens barrel Carry handle VIXEN standard dovetail barFinder Bracket ShoeEA60 mm to 50.8 mm SX

Vixen VC200L Optical tube
Astrophotographers generally use two different focal lengths: Short focal lengths for overview photos and extensive deep-sky objects, and long focal lengths for objects which are further away. Our aspherical mirror optics offer the perfect solution for these scenarios. The VISAC primary mirror (Vixen Sixth-Order Aspheric Cassegrain) is specially designed for astrophotography and provides a fully flat and true-colour image over the entire image frame. Thanks to the three-element field corrector in front of the convex secondary mirror, there is no spherical aberration, coma or field curvature. Although the device is designed for astrophotography, it is also suitable for visual observations. FEATURES Photographically optimized thanks to field flattener lens Revolutionary coating technology High light-gathering power Photographically optimised optical system Built-in field flattener lens 200 mm aperture and 1800 mm focal length Optional reducer availableBackfocus without Reducer: 142,9 mmBackfocus with Reducer: 63,5 mmWeight: 6.9 kg DELIVERY CONTENT VC200 reflector telescope Carry handle 7x50 finder scope (illuminated) Flip mirror Dovetail adapter

£1,499.00* £2,168.00* (30.86% saved)
Vixen SD103SII Telescope OTA
The Vixen SD103SII Telescope OTA is a new 103 mm apochromatic refractor with high-performance Super-ED glass (= SD). The advantage of this SD refractor is its short length and low weight. The FPL53 glass reproduces an extremely clear and sharp image by an exceptionally high degree of elimination of residual chromatic aberrations. The SD glass is designed to bring all beams of violet, red, blue, yellow and green very precisely together on the same plane. The special lens material reduces chromatic aberration across all colours.The new Vixen SD103SII no longer uses spacer plates, which leads to a significantly better image quality, especially with bright stars. In photographic images, no spikes can be seen on the stars, which were otherwise produced by the spacer plates. In addition, you will be thrilled when you look at the moon or the brighter planets and observe the moon craters pin sharp as well as with extremely high contrast. Also look at the ring planet Saturn or the cloud bands on Jupiter. But of course, brighter deep sky objects such as the Orion Nebula or the Andromeda Galaxy can also be observed in impressive detail.In combination with the new optional SD Reducer HD Kit or SD Flattener HD, these refractors allow illumination with a 44 mm image circle for full format SLR cameras. The older ED81SII, ED103S, ED115S refractors were originally developed for visual observers and photographers using APS-C cameras. However, the new SD series is also optimised for use with full-frame cameras through the use of new inner baffle rings. The large 60 mm eyepiece extension also allows heavy cameras to be attached without tilting. Furthermore, the included folding mirror allows comfortable observation even in unfavourable observation situations and additionally offers a T2 thread for connecting a DSLR camera. This allows you to observe in straight line or at a 90° angle. The carrying handle attached to the tube clamps ensures a secure grip when transporting the telescope. FEATURESObjective lens: D=103 mm, multi-coated 2-lens SD apochromat without spacer plates No more spikes on the stars Focal length: 795 mm (f7.7) Resolution and limiting magnitude: 1.13 arcseconds; 11.8 Light gathering power: approx. 217x more than the human eye Dimensions and weight: 115 mm dia x 810 mm; 5.5 kg Viewfinder telescope: 7x50 illuminated Adapters and connections: 60 mm thread, 50.8 mm and 31.7 mm socket, thread for T-ring Connection: 50.8 mm and 31.7 mm socket with flip mirror / folding mirror Photography: primary focus and eyepiece projection SCOPE OF DELIVERY Refractor SD103SII Telescope (OTA) Tube clamp with dovetail Dew cap Flip mirror / folding mirror Carrying handle Dovetail rail 7x50 viewfinder

Vixen SXD2WL SD115SII Telescope Set
SXD2WL SD115SII Complete Telescope Set with GoTo Mount, Tripod and EyepiecesThis high-quality apochromatic refractor telescope-set impresses with its 115-mm-SD optics. The telescope is made in Japan and scores with its excellent workmanship, sharpness, and contrast performance. The advantage of this SD refractor lies in its light weight and very color-true and high-contrast imaging. You will be amazed when you use it to observe the moon surface with its craters or Saturn with its ring system. On Jupiter, on a good night, you can also see the two bright cloud bands and many smaller details as well as the great red spot on the planet. On moonless nights, you can observe the Andromeda Nebula, Orion Nebula, Eagle Nebula, Lagoon Nebula and many other interesting objects. Even weaker celestial objects become visible with this large aperture of 115 mm under a good sky.This telescope set "Made in Japan" leaves nothing to be desired. The FPL53 glass used in the telescope reproduces an extremely clear and sharp image due to exceptionally high elimination of residual color errors. The SD glass is designed to bring all rays – violet, red, blue, yellow, and green – very precisely to the same level. The special lens material thus reduces chromatic aberration across all colors. In the new Vixen SD115SII, no spacer plates are used anymore, which leads to a significantly better image quality especially with bright stars. Consequently, no spikes are seen on the stars in photographic images, which would otherwise be caused by the spacer plates.In combination with the optional SD Reducer HD Kit or SD Flattener HD (not included), this refractor telescope enables illumination with a 44-mm image circle for full-frame SLR cameras. The older ED81SII, ED103S, ED115S refractors were originally developed for visual observers and photographers with APS-C cameras. However, the new SD series is also optimized for use with full-frame cameras due to the use of new internal diaphragms. The large 60-mm eyepiece holder also allows the attachment of heavy cameras without tilting. Furthermore, the supplied flip mirror allows comfortable observing even in unfavorable viewing conditions and also provides a T2 thread for attaching a DSLR camera. So you can observe at an 90° angle or directly. The carry handle attached to the tube clamps provides safe handling during transport of the telescope. The sturdy metal tripod allows vibration-free mounting of the telescope and mount even in windy conditions. The SXD2WL mount is simply operated via a Wifi module with a smartphone or tablet . For user-friendly control of the mount, the free app STAR BOOK Wireless is available. This allows you to use practical celestial navigation functions like the automatic GoTo swiveling to specific celestial objects simply via your smartphone or tablet. Since the power consumption of the traditional LCD screen (STAR BOOK TEN) is eliminated, the power consumption of the mount is reduced by up to 20%. This enables astronomical observations and astrophotography over longer periods. When you tap the desired celestial object from a list, it is automatically swiveled into the telescope's field of view and tracking begins. An existing STAR BOOK TEN control can also be used on this mount without any problems. Equipped with the same precision stepper motors as the top model, the AXD mount, the SXD2WL sets a new standard for performance and precision in the Vixen mount family. The axis cross of the mount is with a photographic carrying capacity of 15 kg just 9.2 kg light and thus excellent for mobile observations . Moreover, the motors located in the lower part of the mount also act as counterweights. This reduces the need for additional counterweights. The SXD2 Mount in Detail Precision stepper motors and Micro-Step-Motion-Control system The heart of the SXD2 are the precision stepper motors, which offer better performance and response than previous models. The Micro-Step-Motion-Control system boasts powerful yet very quiet drive properties, which are present both in fine movements and in fast swivels. Built-in bearings The bearings of the RA and DEC axes and the worm shafts have been significantly improved to reduce the load on the motors. As a result, the motors move much quieter than in previous models. High-precision worm gears High-precision processing technologies eliminate errors in the worm gears. The edges of both worms and worm wheels are particularly smooth, enabling very precise tracking. Declination axis as counterweight The massive motor units are built into the lower part of the declination axis, so the center of gravity of the SXD2 is below the intersection of the RA and DEC axes. This means you need fewer additional counterweights. Latitude adjustment The latitude can be adjusted between 0 and 70 degrees (divided into 3 zones and adjustable +/- 15 degrees per zone, for high, medium, and low latitudes); latitude scale in 2-degree steps; fine adjustment with a tangent screw head, approx. 0.8 degrees per rotation. Built-in PFL-II polar finder with illumination The built-in 5x20-mm polar finder with a 10° field of view features a 3-star alignment system. This eliminates the tedious setting of date and time. The illuminated reticle with variable brightness and automatic shutoff is adjustable in 8 levels and is red illuminated. The adjustment accuracy is 3 arc minutes.The Wireless Module in Detail The Vixen WiFi Adapter for EQ mounts enables you to control your Vixen mount via a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to navigate the skies wirelessly using the STAR BOOK Wireless app (free), instantly transforming your mobile device into a controller for the equatorial mount. The response delay of the mount, a major drawback of wireless connections, has been reduced to a level comparable with wired solutions. Reduced power consumption compared to conventional controls with LCD monitors The power consumption of the mount is reduced by up to 20%, thus allowing for longer observation periods than with conventional wired controls such as the STAR BOOK TEN. Operation similar to the STAR BOOK TEN controller The STAR BOOK Wireless App is structured similarly to the STAR BOOK TEN controller you might already be familiar with. Depending on the star chart settings, it includes up to 259,000 celestial objects. Simply tap on a celestial object in the object list to start the GoTo. The mount then automatically moves to this target and positions it within the telescope’s field of view. All the popular features of the STAR BOOK TEN are retained. Convenient operation While looking through the telescope, you control the mount by swiping on the app’s star map. With no buttons required, you simply glide your finger over the star map, allowing for easy operation of the mount. Comprehensive astronomical data included This includes data on easily observable celestial bodies such as Messier objects, NGC objects, IC objects, as well as the sun, moon, planets, comets, and dwarf planets. High-precision alignment Aligning with one or two stars already provides a fairly accurate positioning of the mount. Aligning with three or more stars allows for high-precision alignment of the mount for high magnifications. The objects are then precisely centered in your telescope’s field of view. The alignment information is stored and can be retained even when the device is turned off. By leaving the telescope in its current state after observing, without moving it, you can start the next observation with the automatic setup using the same settings. Individual setting options Like the STAR BOOK TEN controller, the app offers various individual settings such as backlash compensation, red night mode, autoguider, as well as variable GoTo speed and LED brightness. You can also set the timing of the objective tube reversal (Meridian Flip) as desired. Even if the object moves south during tracking, you can prevent the telescope tube from reversing.Important Information Not usable on old SX mounts with the old blue Star Book Technical Information on the Wifi Module CPU with a 32-bit CISC processor at 120 MHz The unit connects to the mount with a D-SUB 9PIN connector, as with the STAR BOOK TEN. It features a 6-pin 6-wire modular plug for external autoguider operation. Supported operating systems include Android 6 or later, iOS 9.0 or later, WLAN standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n FEATURESSD115SII TelescopeLens: D=115 mm, fully multi-coated2-lens SD apochromat without spacerNo spikes on starsFocal length: 890 mm (f7.7)Resolution and limit magnitude: 1.01 arc seconds; 12.1Light gathering capacity: approximately 270x that of the human eyeDimensions and weight: 125 mm dia x 930 mm; 4.4 kg without accessoriesFinder scope: 7x50, illuminatedAdapters and connections: 60 mm thread, 50.8-mm and 31.7-mm sleeve, T-ring threadConnection: 50.8-mm and 31.7-mm sleeve with flip mirrorPhotography: Primary focus and eyepiece projection SXD2WL Mount RA gear: 180 teeth DEC gear: 180 teeth Axle material and diameter: Carbon steel / Dec. 35 mm, RA 40 mm thickness Polar finder scope: 6x20 mm, PFL-II polar finder Altitude fine adjustment: 0° to 70°, (fine adjustment +/- 15°, height) Counterweight bar: 20 mm diameter Azimuth adjustment: worm gear fine adjustment Power supply: DC12 V; 0.4~1.7 A Maximum load: 15 kg, photographic, without counterweight Counterweights: 1x 1.9 kg and 1x 3.7 kg Mounting: 45 mm spigot Dimensions: 36 cm (H) x 12 cm (W) x 36 cm (L) Weight: 8.8 kg (19.4 lb), without counterweight 32-bit CISC processor 120 MHz Operating system: Android 6 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher Connection: D-SUB 9PIN plug Autoguider input ST4 Power consumption SXD2WL+Wireless unit: DC12V / 0.3–2.0 A (load 10 kg), 0.4–2.2 A (load 15 kg) SCOPE OF DELIVERYSXD2WL MountWireless UnitCounterweights: 1.9 kg and 3.7 kgPolar finder scope, illuminatedMounting toolsCar lighter cableSD115SII Refractor TelescopeFlip mirror2 eyepieces (SLV 20, SLV 5)Tube clampsDovetail plate7x50 finder, illuminatedSXG Aluminium tripod

Vixen SD115S apochromatic Refractor
A new apochromatic refractor with high-performance Super ED glass (=SD). The FPL53 glass reproduces an extremely clear and sharp image by eliminating residual chromatic aberration. Another advantage of these SD refractors is their short length and lightweight design. The SD glass is designed to focus all beams of violet, red, blue, yellow and green light exactly onto the same level. The special lens material reduces chromatic aberration across all colours. Together with the new optional SD Reducer HD Kit or SD Flattener HD, these refractors provide illumination with a 44 mm image circle for full-frame SLR cameras.The ED81SII, ED103S and ED115S refractors were originally designed for visual observers or photographers with an APS-C camera. However, the new SD series features new inner panels which are optimised for full-frame cameras.The large focuser allows you to attach heavy cameras without the telescope tilting.The telescope also comes with a folding mirror for making observations in unfavourable conditions,as well as a T2 thread for connecting a DSLR camera.FEATURESObjective lenses:  115 mm 2-lens apochromatFocal length:  890 mm (f7.7)Resolution and limiting magnitude:  1.01 arc seconds; 12.1Light-gathering power:  270x Backfocus wihout Reducer: 147,2 mmBackfocus with Reducer: 63,5 mm Dimensions and weight:  125 x 930 mm, 6.2 kgAdapter and connections:  50 mm sleeve DELIVERY CONTENTED 115 telescope/lens barrelCarry handleFolding mirror7x50 viewfinderTube clampsDovetail adapter

Vixen SD81SII Telescope OTA
A new 81 mm apochromatic refractor with high-performance Super ED glass (= SD). The advantage of these SD refractors is their short length and low weight.The FPL53 glass reproduces an extremely clear and sharp image due to an exceptionally high elimination of residual colour errors. The SD glass is designed to bring all rays of violet, red, blue, yellow and green together very precisely on the same plane. Thus, the special lens material reduces chromatic aberration across all colours.The new Vixen SD81SII no longer uses spacer plates, which leads to significantly better image quality, especially with bright stars. This means that there are no more spikes on the stars in photographic images, which were otherwise produced by the spacer plates. You will be thrilled when you look at the moon or the brighter planets and observe the moon craters pin sharp and with an extremely high contrast. Observe the ring planet Saturn or the cloud bands on Jupiter.But of course, brighter deep sky objects such as the Orion Nebula or the Andromeda Galaxy can also be observed impressively.In combination with the new optional SD Reducer HD Kit or SD Flattener HD, this refractor allows illumination with a 44 mm image circle for full-frame SLR cameras.The older ED81SII, ED103S, ED115S refractors were originally designed for the visual observer or the photographer using APS-C cameras. However, the new SD series has been optimised for use with full-frame cameras by inserting new inner baffle rings.The large 60 mm focuser allows heavy cameras to be attached without tilting. The supplied flip mirror allows comfortable observation, even in unfavourable observation situations, and also offers a T2 thread for connecting a DSLR camera.Thus, observing in degree view or at a 90° angle is possible. The carrying handle attached to the tube clamps ensures a secure hold when transporting the telescope.FEATURESObjective Lens: D=81 mm, multi-coated 2-Lens SD Apochromat without spacer plates No more spikes on the stars Focal Length: 625 mm (f7.7) Resolution and visual limit: 1.43 arcseconds; 11.3 Mag Light gathering capacity: 134x unaided eyesDimensions and weight: 90 mm dia x 585 mm, 3.6 kg Finderscope: XY Red Dot Finder II Adapter and connections: Adapter thread 60 mm and 31.7 mm for T2-ringConnection 50.8 mm and 31.7 mm socket with flip-mirror diagonal mirrorPhotography: primary focus and eyepiece projection SCOPE OF DELIVERY Refractor telescope SD81SII Tube rings Flip mirror system Carrying handle Dovetail rail Red dot viewfinder


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BRESSER BR-LP15 Cleaning kit - 3 parts
With the 3-piece lens cleaning set you not only clean camera or binocular lenses, but also spectacles glasses and displays and screens of smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. thoroughly and safely. When cleaning high quality optical lenses, you have to be very careful. After all, it would be very annoying to successfully remove the dust but leave a scratch behind. With the lens cleaning pen you can safely clean optical and coated glass. With the brush on one side you can remove coarser dirt before polishing the lenses with the other side. Just blow away fluff with the bellows. FEATURES complete set for safe cleaning of camera lenses bellows for removing coarse dirt particles and fluff without scratching the lens lint-free microfibre cloth approx. 14,5x14,5cm lens cleaning pencil for safe cleaning of optical and coated glass SCOPE OF DELIVERY 1x bellows 1x lens cleaning pen 1x microfiber cloth

Explore Scientific ASTRO R-LITE red light Flashlight
The ASTRO R-LITE red light flashlight is the ideal companion at night to read star charts or make adjustments to the equipment without losing the dark adaptation of the eyes. The ASTRO R-LITE offers 3 functions: Continuous light bright / Continuous light dark / Flashing. The large diffusing lens results in a very large and evenly illuminated light cone, which can also be adjusted by a sliding mechanism. By using a power-saving LED lamp, the battery life (1 x AA-LR6) is up to 100 hours. Of course, the robust lamp housing made of aluminium is splash-proof according to IPX4 and therefore particularly well suited for outdoor applications. The side cutouts on the front of the ASTRO R-LITE provide a 360° signal function. The 50 cm long carrying strap with quick coupling and an extra belt clip included in the scope of delivery ensure that the flashlight is always quickly at hand. The ASTRO R-LITE should not be missing in any equipment. FEATURES ASTRO R-LITE Red Light Flashlight Reading star maps at night Dark adaptation of the eyes is retained Continuous light bright / Continuous light dark / Flashing 360° signal function Large diffusing lens produces a uniformly illuminated light cone Carrying strap and belt clip included Battery life up to 100 hours - Battery (1 x AA-LR6) Splash-proof according to IPX4Robust lamp housing made of aluminiumSCOPE OF DELIVERYASTRO R-LITE Red Light Flashlight Carrying strap Belt clip Battery (1 x AA-LR6)

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Vixen Lens Heater 360 IV
The 360 IV Lens Heater is designed to prevent camera lenses and telescopes from fogging up due to dew. It is also well suited for eyepieces.The heating element is a carbon fiber heater with a high thermal efficiency. The textile heating element provides great flexibility compared to other heating materials. The power cord (USB cable) has a particularly high flexibility to be still elastic at low temperatures. A very flexible Velcro tape allows for quick and easy attachment to and removal from the lens. The tape can be easily removed from the lens without pulling tightly. The heating tape has a very low power consumption and can be operated with a 10,000 mA battery for up to 14 hours.The Vixen Lens Heater 360 IV in detailWhen moisture in the air comes into contact with an object whose temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, small drops of water form - so-called dew condensation. Astrophotography often suffers from such lens fogging and the photo turns milky. Because the temperature and humidity change during the night and the camera becomes cooler than the ambient temperature, it is important to warm the objective's or telescope's lens by using heaters to prevent it from fogging. We recommend using the Lens Heater 360 IV when you want to do astrophotography or night photography on the coast, in the mountains or in cold regions. The heating elements are made of carbon fibers with improved heating performance, introduced for the fourth generation Vixen Lens Heater 360 IV. They efficiently keep the lens warm and fog-free with minimal power consumption. The heater temperature reaches 10 degrees Celsius above the ambient temperature (at 20 °C outside temperature and no wind). However, it varies according to influences in the environment. For power supply the lens heater is equipped with a detachable coiled cable (USB Type-C), up to 50 cm long. The 360 IV lens heater consumes only 2.5 W of power (5 V - 0.5 A). With a portable USB battery of e.g. 10,000 mA, it can operate continuously for about 14 hours (at 20 °C outdoor temperature). However, the operating time varies greatly depending on the environment and temperature. The soft and non-slip surface of the heating tape allows for easy attachment to the objective, eyepiece or telescope. The heater consists of a 30 mm wide and 600 mm long heating tape and is suitable for diameters up to 100 mm.FEATURESHeating type: carbon fiber textile heatingTemperature: 10 degrees Celsius above ambient outdoor temperature (at 20° C, no wind)Power source, power consumption: USB, 5 V, 0.5 A, 2.5 WPower cable: USB A (male)Connector: USB type C connector detachable coiled cable 20 to 50 cmOperating time: approximately 14 hours with fully charged 10,000 mAh battery (at 20 °C outdoor temperature)Recommended for lenses with a width of 30 mm and an outer diameter of 45 to 100 mmDimensions: 30 x 600 mmTotal weight: 67 gSCOPE OF DELIVERYLens Heater 360 IVUSB spiral cable

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Camera Dovetail Kit for iEXOS-100 Mount
Universal mounting rail for mounting a photo camera on an EQ mount with Vixen GP mount for astrophotography. The EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC camera dovetail rail is made of die-cast aluminium. The dovetail-shaped mounting rail is 45 mm wide (similar to the Vixen dovetail style) and 280 mm long. The matt black anodized surface has a laser engraved scale on one side with a fine graduation with 2 mm increments. This makes it easier to determine the center of gravity when placing the camera on the mounting head. To protect the clamping surface there is a stainless steel clamping plate on the opposite side. The dovetail plate is equipped with rubber inserts at 3 positions. This allows a secure mounting of the camera equipment and prevents unintentional slipping and twisting. The mounting rail has a screw fastening with 1/4 inch photo thread, which is suitable for almost all commercially available camera systems. The screw attachment can be used in 3 different elongated hole positions to adjust a perfect balance. In addition, an adapter from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch photo thread is also included, so that ball heads with the larger thread version can also be used directly. The camera mounting rail weighs only 250 grams. Suitable for all EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC and BRESSER mounts and also mounts of other brands that accept the popular Vixen-GP dovetail rail. FEATURES Universal camera mounting rail Dovetail with 45 mm width Length 280mm; weight 250 grams Suitable for EQ mounts with Vixen GP dovetail Camera mounting screw with 1/4 inch photo thread Thread adapter 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch Laser engraved scale with 2 mm fine graduation Stainless steel clamping plate Rubber inserts against slipping and twisting 3 elongated holes for mounting the camera SCOPE OF DELIVERY Camera mounting rail Mounting screw 1/4 inch Thread adapter 3/8 inch

Vixen Tube Clamp 115s for VSD90ss
Vixen Tube Clamp 115s for VSD90ss This high-quality tube clamp made in Japan is used to mount the VSD90ss f 5.5 astrograph. The base plate has M6 and M8 holes and can therefore be used on almost all mounts.FEATURES Supplied with various holes as standard High-quality CNC-milled aluminium tube clamp with non-slip locking screw Felt on the inside, prevents scratches on the VSD tube Threaded screw holes bottom: M8 holes x 2 (spacing 35 mm), M6 holes x 2 (spacing 35 mm) x 2 rows, 1/4-inch holes x 3 (inside 30 mm), 1/4-inch holes x 3 (interval 30 mm) Threaded screw holes top: M8 holes x 2 (spacing 35 mm) x 2 sets, M6 holes x 2 (spacing 35 mm) x 2 rows, 1/4-inch hole x 1 in the centre, M4 holes x 2 (spacing 20 mm) Dimensions: 162 × 71 × 155 mmSCOPE OF DELIVERY VSD tube clamp

Vixen adjustment shaft, 300 mm, flexible
300 mm adjustment shaft with flexible design for comfortable observations with the Porta II and the Mini Porta.The large adjustment knobs allow you to make smooth, fine adjustments to the axles.Also compatible with a wide range of other mounts from other manufacturers.FEATURESComfortable tracking by handLarge adjustment knobs for fine tuningDesigned for wide range of mountsLength: 300 mmDELIVERY CONTENT300 mm adjustment shaft

Vixen Dew Cap Heating
The Vixen dew cap heater prevents your optics from fogging up due to dew.A must-have accessory for cold and damp nights.FEATURES Consumption: 16.2 Ohm (12 V, 8.9 W) Dimensions: 655 mm long heater with 2.2 m cable Connection: 2.1 socket with medium-negative polarity Weight: 120 g DELIVERY CONTENT Battery box Vixen dew cap heater

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EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Two-Room Pop-UP Observatory Tent / Weather protection for telescopes
The Explore Scientific Two Room Pop-Up Observatory is a useful weatherproof tent that protects your valuable equipment from wind, dew, rain and dust. Most amateur astronomers and astrophotographers dream of having an observatory to keep dust, dew and wind away from their telescope and to shield disturbing stray light from their telescope's optics. But for many astronomers, an observatory is only a dream because of the cost of a roll-roof building or an observatory dome. There is also the problem that an observatory building needs a permanent location that is suitable for an observatory. Portable, quick to set up and inexpensive A good solution is a portable observatory tent. Compared to their fixed counterparts, a tent is extremely inexpensive and can be set up almost anywhere there is a flat surface and a clear view of the sky. However, setting up a portable observatory tent can also be a hassle. No one wants to waste their valuable observing time reading complex instructions while trying to figure out which pole goes where. For this reason, we have used a sturdy pop-up design. Setting up the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Pop-Up Observatory can be done in a matter of minutes. By releasing a retaining strap, the complete tent unfolds from its packaging in just a few seconds. You really don't need to do anything other than connect the two observatory rooms with a Velcro seam and attach it to the ground. Thanks to this simple design, the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Pop-Up Observatory can be set up and taken down in just a few minutes, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your astronomy weekend. Plenty of space for your equipment and super compact when folded up. With just under 5 square metres of total space and 1.52 metre high side walls, coupled with 1.83 metre high windscreens, the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Pop-Up Observatory allows you to set up your computer equipment in one room and the telescope in the other, or set up two complete telescope systems. Each room is 152 by 152 centimetres. Mobile observatory with compact transport dimensions In addition to being easy to set up and take down, another advantage of the pop-up design is that it is travel-friendly, as it is light and easy to stow away. The entire observatory tent folds down to a package 70 centimetres in diameter and 10 centimetres thick. This allows it to be transported in a small car or even on a flight for distant expeditions. And apart from the fact that it allows you to go to your favourite observing site at any time, portable observatory tents are usually the first choice for astronomers and astrophotographers attending star party events.  Advanced materials provide optimal protection and durability However, the fact that the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Pop-Up Observatory is lightweight and easy to store and set up doesn't mean it can't withstand bad weather conditions. The Black-Out coated polyamide material is waterproof and offers excellent UV protection. This guarantees reliable protection for your equipment as well as long-lasting durability of the observatory tent. Large doors for convenient use The doors to enter the observatory tent and pass through the attached rooms are very generously sized at 102 centimetres high and 92 centimetres wide, so you can easily walk in and through your equipment. The doors roll down to keep moisture out and their heavy-duty zips will last for years. The extra weather cover protects your gear when not in use. With the large weather cover included, you can protect your gear from the hot sun or a surprise rain shower during the day. Or even from dew at night. The modern, coated and waterproof material keeps all unwanted weather influences away from your equipment. Included are cords and pegs to tie down the tent. The structure also has additional holding straps for the use of heavy-duty straps, which can be purchased at local hardware stores. PRODUCT VIDEO: FEATURESPractical weather protection for telescopes Protects your equipment from wind, dew, rain and dust Mobile observatory: portable, quickly assembled, reasonably priced Compact transport size also suitable for air travel 5 square metres of space for your equipment and sufficient freedom of movement Interior dimensions: 152 x 304cm Side wall height 152cm / windbreak wall height 183cm Large 102 x 92cm doors for ease of use Additional weather protection cover included Advanced materials provide optimum protection and durability Cords and pegs included to tie down the tent Additional tie downs for heavy duty straps included Transport dimensions and weight: diameter 70cm, height 10cm, 3kg Colour tent material: black SCOPE OF DELIVERY Two-room pop-up observatory tent Weather protection cover Set of cords and pegs

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Light Shroud 16" Ultra Light Dobson
Keep out stray and unwanted light from your 16" Truss Tube Dobsonian telescope with a lightweight light shroud. Keeping the path dark between your secondary and primary mirror will boost image contrast and brightness bringing out more details. Constructed of opaque black nylon with excellent stretch, each end of our DOB light shroud has an elastic band to keep the shroud in place and allow for an easy fit and installation. Breathable nylon will let air circulate and yet keep dust away, keeping your optics clear and avoiding any unnecessary pressure from the breeze. A must have for the suburban observer where stray light interferes.FEATURESKeep out stray and unwanted light Boost image contrast and brightnessBringing out more details Keep dust away; avoiding pressure from the breezeBlack nylon with excellent stretch Fits for 16" Truss Tube Dobsonian telescopeSCOPE OF DELIVERY1 pc Light Shroud 16"

BRESSER Dew-Shield for MCX102 GpTo telescopes
Each dew shield threads into the front lens cell and effectively inhibits the formation of dew on the lens surface in humid/cool observation conditions. Reduces reflections caused by scattered light incident from the side. Protects the front lens from accidental contact and scratches. FEATURES Prevents fogging of the front lens Reduces reflections caused by stray light Protects the front lens of the telescope Use in humid/cool conditions Suitable for BRESSER MCX102 Goto telescopes Easy to screw into the telescopic tube Length: 110mm , weight: 100g SCOPE OF DELIVERY Dew cap, 1 piece

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Counter Weight 1.0 kg for iEXOS-100 Mount
Additional Counter Weight 1.0 kg for EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Wifi Goto Mount to balance also larger telescope tubes.FEATURESAdditional counter weightBalance also larger telescope tubesFits to iEXOS-100 MountTotal weight: 1.0kgDiameter: 80mm; height: 30mmBore diameter: 14.7mmSCOPE OF DELIVERYCounter weight 1.0kg (1 pc)

Vixen AP Photo Guider Shaft
The counterweight rod is attached to the dovetail rail using a 1/4 inch photo screw. It is compatible with the Vixen counterweights 1.0 kg, 1.9 kg, 2.8 kg and 3.7 kg and is used to balance the AP Photoguiders, the Polarie or the Polarie U Star Tracker. PROPERTIES Shank diameter: 20mm Size: diameter 23x135mm Effective length of the counterweight rod: 130mm Weight: 330g WHAT'S INCLUDED Counterweight rod Locking screw