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Bresser MB-3Y Electric Suspension System For 3 Rolls


Quick Overview

The Bresser MB-3Y is complete background system for hanging up to 3 paper background rolls

  • Electric background system with remote control for 3 rolls

  • only for paper rolls up to 2.72m, not for vinyl rolls

  • can be mounted to a wall, ceiling or tripod

  • electronic drive motors on all three axes

  • weight: 8.3kg



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A complete background system for hanging up maximal 3 paper background rolls. You can wind or unwind the paper rolls with the supplied hand control

The wall brackets can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling but they can also be placed upon a lightstand. You can decide on the width so this system can be used with any paper background roll up to 2.72m.

The roll holders are to be inserted into the paper core of the paper background rolls and then twisted apart until the roll fits tightly. The thickness of the roll holders can be adjusted between 4.5 and 7.5 cm. 

For each of the axes there is on one side an electronic motor. With the included remote control the paperrolls can easily be unrolled to the desired length.

This background system is NOT suitable for the use of vinyl backgrounds.


  • flexible background system

  • brackets for wall or ceiling suspension as well as tripod connection

  • suitable for three paper background rolls up to 2.72m

  • not suitable for vinyl backgrounds

  • motorized rolling and unrolling

  • remotely controlled


  • 2x wall or ceiling brackets

  • 3x pairs of rollholders with one motor each

  • 1x remote control

  • 3x 23A batteries 12 V 

  • 1x transformer

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