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Bresser Trino Researcher II 40-1000x Microscope


Quick Overview

The Bresser Trino Researcher offers serious specifications at an unbeatable price. Based on a solid metal body and equipped with DIN binocular eyepieces and objectives, this transmission-type microscope fulfils even professional demands with its optical and mechanical quality. The Trioncular head consists of two Binocular eyepieces and a single photographic port for easily-switched recording or imaging of specimens.


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The BRESSER Researcher Trino is a very popular microscope, which is widely used in schools, for hobby and standard laboratory tasks. Mount a camera on the separate tube and set it parfocal. Makes microphotography easy and convenient.

Four DIN/RMS high quality achromatic objectives 4x; 10x; 40x; 100x oil and a set of 10x wide field eyepieces gives a magnification range from 40x to 1000x. Trinocular head for comfortable viewing and microphotography, Interpupilary distance and diopters are adjustable. Abbe type condensor (N.A. 1.25) with iris, fully adjustable.

Solid and heavy metal body with precise and durable mechanics. Coarse and fine focus, mechanical stage with vernier scales and low coax controls for ergonomic handling.

Upgradeable with:

  • Dark field condensors

  • Phase contrast set

  • High quality planachromatic objectives or a MikroCam camera (or adapt your own camera on the separate camera tube)

The Bresser Researcher Trino matches your needs!

Objectives 40x and 100x spring loaded against accidental damage, height of the table can be limited as well. Besides this, relax and rely on our 5 years manufacturers warranty!


• Type: Biological microscope
• View: Trinocular
• Application range: Biology, Education, Teaching, Imaging Solutions, Botany
• Illumination: LED
• Level: Intermediate, Expert
• Warranty: 2 years
• Double-lens condensor with iris diaphragm 
• Incl. mechanical stage 
• Adjustable eye relief 


• Comfortable binocular view, 360° turnable head 
• Transmitted 6V/20W 
• Magnifications: 1000x, 400x, 100x, 40x
• Illumination: LED
• Eyepieces: 10x
• Eyepiece diameter: 23.2 mm 
• Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil immersion) 
• Power supply: 220/240V 

Included Accessories

• 4 DIN-objectives 
• 2 eyepieces 
• Mechanical stage 
• Condensor 
• Trinocular head

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