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Bresser GM-800 800W Studio Flash Strobe Head with LED Display


Quick Overview

Built-in Sony microprocessor that provides a reliable and consistent power output

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Ask any professional photographer what ranks highest on their list of priorities when it comes to studio equipment and the answer is invariably, reliability.

The Bresser GM series of studio flash units boast a built-in Sony microprocessor that provides a reliable and consistent power output. The small LCD display is uncluttered and enables setting values to be easily read, even from a distance which is an advantage when using the optional WT-3A remote control / trigger.

Even if you prefer a more simple and streamlined setup, perhaps even using a compact camera, the Bresser GM studio strobe has the ability to ignore pre-exposure and or red-eye reduction flashes from your camera, choosing instead to trigger the slave control function of the unit on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd flash.

The solid, twist-lock bayonet connector permits even the largest available accessories to be mounted onto the Bresser GM series making it useful for both amateur and professional photographers for product and portrait photography.

Whilst looks are not always important, the GM Series of flash units remain stylish with a sturdy metal housing with rubber coating.



  • Flash Power Rating 800w

  • Guide number 86

  • Flash power 1/32nd to Full

  • Flash Duration 1/300s -1/1200s

  • Charging time from 2-3 sec

  • High quality (German) plug-in flash tube – (easy to change)

  • Flash triggering options: Synchro-cable, test button, photocell (slave), wireless remote control

  • Slave control up to 20m

  • Overheating Protection

  • Tilt head with light stand connection

  • S Type bayonet connector (Similar to, among others, Bowens)

  • Power Control: Push button (or remote control with optional WT-3A accessory)

  • Colour Temperature 5400-5600K

  • 8mm Studio umbrella connection

  • 6.35 mm jack plug synchro cable (5v & 5m)

  • USB port for remote control/trigger

  • Automatic power discharge

  • UV protection glass for flash tube

  • Red-eye reduction

  • Body material: Metal

  • Carrying handle

  • Net weight heaviest part (kg) 3.1

  • Warranty: 2 Years – (limited to the flash unit. Modelling lights and flash tubes are considered to be consumables and are excluded from this warranty)


  • Bresser Studio Flash GM-800

  • Transport protection cap

  • 250 W modelling lamp (Pre-installed)

  • Flash tube (Pre-installed)

  • Synchro flash cable (5 volt, 5 meter)

  • IEC Power cable with UK Plug

  • Spare fuse

  • Instruction manual 

  • Weight 3.5 kg

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