With a huge 48.3 cm display, comprehensive 8-day weather forecast and eco-friendly solar-powered multi-sensor, this weather station is packed with features.
499.00 £ * Shipping Weight 4.4 kg
Easy-to-read weather data – featuring an extra-large 48.3 cm colour display, this additional base station allows you to view your weather data in an additional room.
459.00 £ *
Keep track of changes in the weather: the measurements from the 7-in-1 solar-powered and thermo-hygro sensor can be viewed on the HD TFT display in various display modes.
375.00 £ * More information
Weather station with solar-powered multi-sensor and large, stylish 10-inch colour display, displays a 6-day weather forecast.
280.00 £ *
Keeping up-to-date with the weather - weather station with solar-powered multi-sensor and stylish colour display with a 6-day weather forecast.
245.00 £ * More information
Changing view of the weather: The weather centre shows your local weather data on the HD TFT display with different display modes or online worldwide.
355.00 £ *
Ideal as extension or replacement: this base station for your MeteoChamp weather centre gives you easy access to all your weather data.
265.00 £ *
Replacement or additional sensor – the base station shows all the measurements from your weather centre and features a built-in thermo-hygro sensor.
259.00 £ *
Visible from every angle: the modern LCD display shows detailed time and weather information, including the sunburn time
189.00 £ *