Save water, money and time: discover the BRESSER water timer for your smart home and water your garden automatically via a mobile app.
132.00 £ *
Clever gardening tool – featuring a weather station, water timer and soil sensor, this smart system ensures that your plants receive the optimal amount of water.
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Stand-alone air quality sensor or extension to your weather station – keep your air clean with the help of the HCHO/VOC sensor.
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Replacement sensor - restore temperature, wind speed and precipitation readings to your weather station.
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The replacement sensor squares the weather circle with seven measurements for wind and weather.
121.00 £ *
Weather, alarm, indoor climate - use the indoor temperature, humidity and other functions of your base station in an additional room or household!
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The additional base station for your 3-in-1 professional wind gauge allows you to track the measured values from your external sensor at a different location. The integrated sensor also measures the temperature/humidity at the location of the base station
45.99 £ *
Weather, alarm and much more - use the functions of your base station in an additional room, including indoor temperature and humidity measurements, a histogram and max./min. value memory!
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Don't lose track of the weather - restore the full range of functions to your professional weather centre with this replacement outdoor sensor.
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Weather data, built-in alarm, indoor climate - access the functions of your weather station in another room or household!
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