Save water, money and time: discover the BRESSER water timer for your smart home and water your garden automatically via a mobile app.
44.00 £ *
Keeping up-to-date with the weather - weather station with solar-powered multi-sensor and stylish colour display with a 6-day weather forecast.
245.00 £ *
As a stand-alone measuring device or extension of your weather station - with this precise sensor you keep an eye on temperature and humidity
24.99 £ *
Not only see how much rain is falling, but also track the last 12h of rain fall via barchart graph or cumulative rainfall for the past year.
62.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.784 kg
Clever gardening tool – featuring a weather station, water timer and soil sensor, this smart system ensures that your plants receive the optimal amount of water.
139.00 £ *
With this WLAN weather station you can read the local data of your weather station, such as the very reliable weather trend forecast, and publish it on the internet.
159.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1.8 kg
BRESSER ClimaTemp JC LCD Weather-Clock
LCD Weather-Clock ClimaTemp JC
85.00 £
Electronics accessories
18.99 £ * Shipping Weight 0.134 kg
Small but mighty: The compact weather station with an outdoor sensor gives you a comprehensive overview with temperature, humidity, weather forecast, and time
30.06 £ *
Two in one: the additional base station for your weather station gives you updates on the current weather status in an additional room, including room climate data.
149.00 £ *