BRESSER Science MTL 201 50-800x Microscope


Special reflected light microscope used for the observation and analysis of surfaces

  • objective lenses with an increased working distance
  • polarizer/ analyzer combination
  • maximum object height: 29mm
  • adjustable eye relief
  • large stage with a coarse adjustment lever and transverse and longitudinal knobs for fine adjustment
  • Verfahrwege des Kreuztisches auf x- und y-Achse: links/rechts: ca. 140 mm, vor/zurück: ca. 220 mm
  • included in delivery: microscope, eyepieces (2x WF 10x), objective lenses (5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 80x), coaxial stage, dust cover, power cable
  • Power supply unit: 12V, 4A
Delivery period: 4-9 working days.

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Product number: 5807000
EAN: 4007922150246
Shipping Weight: 19.7 kg