Copy that, Roger! Featuring a hands-free function and a built-in torch, these walkie-talkies allow you to stay in contact during outdoor adventures at distances of up to 6 km.
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Powerful companion: The powerful mobile power station features a stylish, compact design, connections for all standard cables and a bright LED light.
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Featuring an LED strip and spotlight with an IR sensor, this lightweight and comfortable headlamp will light up your surroundings in an instant.
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Come over here! Featuring a range of up to 6 km, a hands-free mode and a built-in torch, these children’s walkie-talkies ensure you’ll never lose contact on your outdoor adventures.
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Spare nozzle for SAURUS 3D printer 2010300
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Capture stunning UHD videos and detailed photos-with the waterproof Wi-Fi action cam with 2 rechargeable batteries, multiple holders and a belt pouch
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