Zoom spotting scope with practical carrying case
63.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1.515 kg
A junior microscope for the perfect introduction to the world of microscopy
34.00 £
These robust and stylish children's binoculars fit perfectly in small hands and make our colourful world 6 times bigger!
from 24.02 £
This sounds like fun science: With the beauty experiment kit you can make your own cosmetics!
43.40 £ * Shipping Weight 1.26 kg
BRESSER Junior Student Microscope BIOLUX SEL
Schülermikroskop Biolux SEL
from 101.20 £
With 24 images, the projector brings the universe into your home and accompanies you as a soothing night light in your dreams.
11.50 £ * Shipping Weight 0.143 kg
Entry-level microscope set for budding little researchers
57.00 £ * Shipping Weight 2.305 kg
Comprehensive microscope set in a robust metal housing, with electronic HD eyepiece for connection to a PC as well as a comprehensive accessories package.
129.00 £ * Shipping Weight 2.782 kg
Complete system for ambitious young astronomers
163.00 £ * Shipping Weight 5.7 kg
Extensive microscope set in robust metal housing with comprehensive accessories package
111.00 £ * Shipping Weight 2.648 kg